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Juniors: Quad Biking & Mud Buggies for Kids

If you are looking to introduce your youngster to motoring, in whatever form, then there are events other than go karting that you can consider. Mud buggies offer a similar experience to karting but over non-tarmac surfaces. Your child will be able to get to grips with throttle and brake control as well as mastering steering, which on loose surfaces will improve their reactions. Who knows, maybe you'll find you have a rally champion in the making!

Quad bikes are great for juniors of all ages; even from as young as 8 years. The additional benefit is that quads can make for fun days out for the family. Many venues provide cross-country treks that are taken over a variety of surfaces and at a more sedate pace, allowing everyone to simply enjoy the ride. For those families with a competitive edge then some also offer ‘time trials’ giving your youngster the chance give mum or dad a pasting.

Whatever you choose, quads or buggies can be less frenetic and competitive than karting and provide an enjoyable day out for the kids or the whole family.

Junior off-road racing restrictions: venue by venue

Below is a list of minimum age and height restrictions for each venue.

circuit min age min height
Prescott Off-Road Centre 8 none
Wildtracks Activity Centre 8 130cm
Yorkshire Outdoors 8 none
Langar Karting & Quad Centre 8 none
Gorcombe Farm 12 none
Fury Events 12 150cm
Suffolk Activity Centre 12 none
Avalanche Adventure 12 150cm
Nottingham Driving 16 none
Walker Adams 16 150cm
Mud Mania 16 none
Weston Lodge 16 150cm
Rally Karting Centre 16 none
Southern Pursuits 16 none
Notts Off-Road 16 none
Stunt Driving Experience 17 none
Forster Racing School 17 140cm
T I Rally School 17 137cm
London Rally School 17 none
Protrax (Market Harborough) 18 none
Whilton Mill 18 none
All Terrain Services (Wrexham) 18 none
All Terrain Services (Swansea) 18 none
All Terrain Services (Durham) 18 none
All Terrain Services (Northolt) 18 none
All Terrain Services (Greetham) 18 none
All Terrain Services (Ferrybridge) 18 none
All Terrain Services (Cotwolds) 18 none
All Terrain Services (Andover) 18 none

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