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Juniors' / Kids' Go Kart Racing

In all likelihood the next Formula 1 champion will have started his career in a go-kart. Youngsters from eight years upwards are competing on a regular basis - so whether you are trying the sport to see if your child has potential, or simply looking for a different type of birthday treat, a day's go-karting will make an unforgettable experience. Get in touch and we will arrange a party that your child will remember for a long time and that will be the envy of all his/her friends!

What ages?

Most tracks will allow eight year-olds and upwards to drive under supervised conditions and some are geared up to provide birthday packages as well. Currently there are only around sixteen tracks in the whole of the UK that can cater for under-eights.

Most venues, whether they are indoor circuit or outdoors, will NOT allow adults and juniors on the track at the same time, but there a few that cater for families and here you can enjoy karting in a safe environment. We have all the details you will need to get your party on the track, whatever their age.

For parents who are convinced that their child has what it takes to be a racing champion then why not call us for information on kart clubs and the steps you will need to take to get your youngster to the top step of the podium?

Junior go-kart racing restrictions: track by track

Below is a list of minimum age and height restrictions, track by track.

circuit min age min height
Rye House 3 133cm
London Karting Co Roehampton 4 none
JDR Karting 4 none
London Karting Co Dulwich 4 none
London Karting Co Battersea 4 none
London Karting Co Sevenoaks 4 none
Surbiton Raceway (Bambino Circuit) 4 100cm
Buckmore Park 4 127cm
York Motor Sport Village 4 127cm
Lydd Kart Circuit 6 none
Raceway Karting 7 122cm
Capital Karts 7 125cm
M4 Karting 7 125cm
Surbiton Raceway (Cadet Track) 7 100cm
South West Indoor Karting 7 122cm
Red Lodge 7 119cm
St Eval 7 127cm
Scotkart Clydebank 8 127cm
Scotkart Dundee 8 127cm
Scotkart Cambuslang 8 127cm
Bradford Kart Racing 8 none
Wildtracks Karting & Activity Centre 8 130cm
Oxford Karting 8 140cm
Stretton 2000 8 120cm
Nottingham Raceway 8 140cm
Kartrak Karting 8 134cm
Mr Karting 8 none
Gridline Racing 8 122cm
ELK Racing 8 none
Formula Karting (Newry) 8 150cm
Chequered Flag (Grimsby) 8 132cm
Redline Karting 8 150cm
Teamworks Karting Halesowen 8 135cm
Formula Fast 8 125cm
Rogue Racing 8 130cm
Eddie Irvine Sports 8 none
Hull Karting 8 137cm
Knockhill Karting 8 127cm
Top Gear Karting 8 140cm
Formulakart 8 137cm
Teamworks Karting Birmingham 8 143cm
Cambuslang Karting 8 none
AJ's Karting 8 130cm
Grand Prix Karting 8 123cm
Fast Lane Karting 8 none
Daytona Tamworth Karting 8 125cm
Herefordshire Raceway 8 none
Cannon Raceway 8 132cm
Teamkarting 8 132cm
Wessex Raceway 8 130cm
Premier Karting 8 138cm
Worcester Indoor Karting 8 132cm
Teamworks Karting Northampton 8 125cm
Sandown Park 8 125cm
Teesside Karting 8 137cm
Mitcham Go Karting 8 none
Brooklands Go Karts 8 127cm
Carew Karting 8 135cm
Brentwood Karting 8 122cm
Llandow 8 none
Ellough Park 8 137cm
Amen Corner Karting 8 none
Lakeside Karting 8 122cm
Daytona Milton Keynes (North Circuit) 8 135cm
The Circuit 8 135cm
Anglia Indoor Karting 8 127cm
Prestige Karting 8 130cm
Anglia Karting Centre 8 132cm
Midland Karting 8 none
Daytona Manchester 8 125cm
West Coast Karting 8 none
Alvar Karting 8 140cm
Teamworks Karting Letchworth 8 140cm
Bayford Meadows 9 none
Sutton Circuit 10 none
Langar Kart Centre 10 140cm
Kinsham Raceway 10 none
Ancaster Karting 10 130cm
Xtreme Karting Edinburgh 10 140cm
Swindon Karting 10 137cm
Xtreme Karting Falkirk 10 127cm
Tyke Racing 12 130cm
Surbiton Raceway 12 126cm
Raceworld Karting 12 155cm
South West Outdoor Karting 12 147cm
Thruxton 12 152cm
Whilton Mill (Mill Circuit) 12 155cm
Nottingham Go Karts 12 none
Mansell Raceway 14 none
Supakart 14 152cm
The Campbell Circuit 14 147cm
Clay Pigeon 14 none
Gosport Go Karting 16 none
Bristol Go Karting 16 none
Crawley Go Karting 16 none
Brighton Go Karting 16 none
Birmingham Go Karting 16 none
Warrington Go Karting 16 none
Southampton Go Karting 16 none
Farnborough Go Karting 16 none
Edmonton Go Karting 16 none
Acton Go Karting 16 none
Daytona Milton Keynes 16 none
Leeds Go Karting 16 none
J M Kartsport 16 none
Reading Go Karting 16 none
Whilton Mill (International Circuit) 16 150cm
Whilton Mill (Indy Circuit) 16 150cm
Tower Bridge Go Karting 16 none
Docklands Go Karting 16 none
March Hare Leisure 16 152cm
Parkwood Karting 16 none
Whilton Mill (National Circuit) 16 150cm
South Coast Karting 17 152cm
Qleisure 17 none
Revolution Karting 18 152cm

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